Isn’t it ironic?

I feel so bad about neglecting my website. Ironically, since I started working more in craft beer and writing about beer for various publications, I’ve been blogging less (much less… in fact, not at all!). I have purchased my own website domain and hopefully that will keep me accountable and I will keep up with blogging. I drink so many good beers, and I often post about them on Twitter and Instagram, but I never take the time to write a little bit more about them on here. I love reading other people’s posts about beer and pubs and stuff, so hopefully people will appreciate what I have to say as well.

I have lots of exciting beery plans for over the Christmas period, so look out for blog posts about that, and I also am aiming to post some of my articles that I’ve written for the likes of Ferment Magazine.

Here’s to a new more productive and bloggy me!

Cheers, S.

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