What’s in my Glass: Marmalade on Rye DIPA, Tempest Brewing Co.

To say that this beer tastes exactly like marmalade on toast might be the most silly and obvious thing to say, but it’s the best way I can come up with to give an initial description!

(Do I get extra points for having a Tempest bottle-opener *and* coaster?)

Marmalade on Rye Double IPA tastes perfectly like a Seville orange marmalade, with loads of bitter orange rind on the first sip, and a sharp aftertaste. You can really tell Tempest have added lots of orange zest to the recipe, as well as orange juice.

A few more sips and you get a wonderfully smooth, buttery, toast-like flavour, due to the oats and rye. The ginger in the beer tasted more like crystalised ginger than root ginger to me, and I had to ‘search’ for it in the flavours when I was drinking, but I am grateful for its presence since I imagine it helped towards the lovely overall zinginess!


The smell is juicy, jammy and sweet, and is has such a rich, bittersweet and satisfying mouthfeel. A pleasure to drink, especially out in the evening sun.

I don’t tend to like overly fruity or citrusy beers, but this one was excellent. It’s a pretty heavy-going beer (especially at 9% ABV!), so one glass is enough, but it’s absolutely marvellous.

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