What’s in my Glass: Amanecer Mexicano – Magic Rock Brewing

Oh my, what a treat this was!


I impulse-bought this beer when I was on Magic Rock’s website buying their cute AF teku glass (see picture below) and I am so glad I did.

It was very fresh, lighter than a lot of goses I have tried, but it still had a lot of impact. I got heavy cinnamon flavours on the first couple of sips, which gave way to a lovely tart lime flavour and delicate floral notes.

I was worried that the hibiscus would stand out too much and add too much sweetness, but the lime and the chilli gave the beer a sharp sourness which balanced the flavours out, even despite the earthy and fragrant cinnamon.

The only thing that disappointed me was that the chilli wasn’t strong enough for my tastes, despite the presence of “a wide variety of dried chillies” (according to their website). There was definitely a hint of it and you could tell it was there, but I was looking forward to more of a ‘kick’ than a ‘trace’. I am a bit of a spice-head though, so maybe that’s just me…


Still, it was very yummy. And just look at that gorgeous pinky-red colour!

I think I picked the perfect day to drink it – sat in the sun on my balcony. I’m definitely going to seek it out for the next occasion when I might be in need of a few ‘sunshine beers’!

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