Out and About: Review of Nobles Bar, Leith

One of my favourite spots to enjoy a nice beer is Nobles Bar in Leith. With its quirky paintings (including a portrait of Bill Murray and one of a fat ginger cat!), its gorgeous Victorian decor, the impressive stained-glass windows, and a great selection of rotational local and world beers, it’s no surprise that it’s one of my most frequented bars.

Last week, I went along late on a Friday afternoon to get myself a nice pint and do some writing. I chose Woodcutter Rye IPA by Allendale Brew Co, which was an absolute delight. Smooth, malty and with a tonne of flavour, it was also pretty fresh with a big hoppy kick. I love a Rye IPA, and this is one of the best I’ve tasted in recent memory!

I love drinking here, both alone and with friends. Even when it’s really busy, it still retains the low-level chitter-chatter that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed; I’m not a fan of busy and loud places, so Nobles is a perfect spot for me.

If you’re an Edinburgh local, or if you’re in town visiting, I would highly suggest heading down to Leith for a visit. It’s a lovely bar, and the ‘stage’ seating area up a couple of steps and in between the two front doors is my favourite place to sit. It’s great for people-watching, both inside and out on Constitution Street.

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